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Hd500 Edit Issues


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Hopefully someone has some answers for me.


I am using the HD500 (duh). I loaded the HD500 edit program onto my PC. I am running Windows 7 64Bit (everything is updated). I connect the HD500 and run the EDIT program and it loads the patches. I then try to pick a setlist to add or movie patches around and it hangs....it won't let me pick anything. Sometimes it will let me pick things....after I pick it and wait for 30 secs. or more. The only way I can


I run Monkey to see if I am running the latest of everything....Firmware 2.10, the latest drivers are installed, latest Monkey is installed.


My PC is only 3 years old. I have loaded it on my other PC and the same thing. I have tried flashing the firmware to a lower version (2.02) and that doesn't seem to help.


I have had the XT Live for 8 years and NEVER EVER had this issue.


Any solutions would be helpful.


P.S. I have tried different USB cables and the ports on the front and back.

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hmmmm.....Not too sure what to tell you.....some guesses 4u....


Java JRE is up to date?

Have you tried a different USB 2.0 cable (most all of them are these days)?


You said everything is updated on your computer....Does that include the BIOS firmware and chipset drivers? Windows Update doesn't tell you that.


Only other thing I can suggest is to try a different computer....

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will try the a different USB. The one I am using now is the same on I use for my external hard drive and it works without issue. I have a few of the cables laying around.....all about 4' long. I have tried most of the USB ports on the computer...but will try them again with a new cable. I believe JAVA is up to date but will check also. I am thinking that since I have the issue on 2 computers.....it more than likely is the USB cable.


Thanks for the suggestions.!

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I think I diagnosed my issue.....it is my PC. I have tried it on all my home PC's (2 desktops and 1 laptop) and the EDIT program read the information but wouldn't respond. So, I brought my HD500 to work and installed all the drivers and MONKEY....hooked it up......WORKED perfectly. What is funny is that at work we are running Windows XP (32Bit) and at home I am running WIndows 7.


So, I am going to reformat my computer tonight at home and see if that will work. When I first got my HD500 it worked fine......I think maybe with some of the Windows updates it might have done something.



NINERS are going to DOMINATE!

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I went home and hooked up the HD500 into my PC and it still didn't work. Tried different cables....still nothing. So, I did the big thing....reformatted my hard drive....actually am using Windows 8 (don't laugh), this isn't my main computer and all I will be using it for is HD500, Recording, surfing the web and Word or Excel.


So, after reformating my hard drive and installing (clean) Windows 8....I hooked up the HD500 again.....still nothing. Then for an experiment I loaded the drivers and EDIT program for my XTLive. When I plugged it in it installed JAVA. My mind started flickering with hope. So, after it installed all the drivers, I went back to HD500 Edit.....hooked it up......voila....IT WORKED. I must not have had the latest version of Java installed earlier......just glad it works now!


thanks for the advice and suggestions.

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