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anyone knows how I could set my global eq on the helix or could share some tweaking tips with using monitor speakers ?
I am connected like this: JTV89 trough VDI --> Helix XLR L/R out --> Scarlett 6i6 --> M-audio av40
The Frequency Response of the av40 is: 85 Hz – 20 kHz

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Personally, I would recommend against using the Global EQ with studio monitors. The whole idea behind studio monitors is that they're designed to be flat, full-range, flat response reference speakers that give you a good blank slate to develop patches and/or record. They shouldn't favor one part of the frequency over the rest, so this should make it so your patches translate relatively well to different systems. If you need to make any corrections when connected to other systems, than you break out the Global EQ. If you want to use EQ as more of an effect for the tone, I'd recommend using the various EQ blocks that available as effects in the patch itself.

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