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common ux8 toneport problem that me and everyone who bought the thing for 800$ cough cough!!

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Thereis a annoying buzz that constantly humms when I activate cubase or reason. I noticed it seems to be a common problem with a lot people. maybe its too much for a usb cable to run a preamp and a 8 channel audio interface with compressors. people said balanced cables helped solve the problem but a lot of people were still having the problem regardless. anybody have any solutions to this problem or am i just lollipoped as one person on the forum stated...

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If you're getting buzz, as in 60-cycle hum, then there is a ground problem

somewhere in your signal path, and it needs to be isolated.


It could be any piece of gear connected in that signal path (guitar, cable, UX8,

USB, the computer, the power strip with surge and filter protection, the wall socket,

ground potentials between different wall sockets). Typically it's a ground loop,

but other factors can play into it as well.


Fluorescent lights can are also a source of problems in that regard.

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