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Blues Harp through Helix = Yow!


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I've chased blues harp tone over the years as much as guitar tone, and the Helix is providing the best tone I've found outside of a musty old Fender Princeton amp. I prefer a Paul Butterfield sorta sound, using a Shure Unidyne 545 mic. Going direct into the Helix, I'm really liking the following block chain:


1) Mail Order Twin Amp/Cab, with treble and presence turned way down, drive to taste, lots of sag and bias for compression, the 57 mic at 1", and high cut set at about 4 kHz.


2) '63 Spring Reverb to taste.


Straight into the PA.



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Hah, I was just thinking about that the other day, wondering how Helix would do for Butterfield-like harp. Which BTW totally kicks it...


One of the bands I was in in high school is planning a reunion(!?!), and we did a bunch of Butterfield. Don't know if our singer still plays harp, but theory is, I should have my Helix by then, and it's got a mic input.


(Whole thing is kinda seriously scary, as in, I haven't played with or for anyone in, oh, 35 years or so, but maybe it'll get me back into it. I do still play a fair amount, and dig it, a lot, so we'll see how it feels. Yee ha!)

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