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(Very) New User Q: Pot Settings (Drive vs. Bass, etc)

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I am a brand new Pocket Pod user (and very new to electronic music stuff). When I (for example) set the 'DRIVE' pot to maximum, then when I hold down Save/ALT and turn that same POT the BASS will have been set to max. So assume that I want Max DRIVE and middle BASS, if I then set BASS (hold down SAVE and turn the DRIVE/BASS pot) to the middle, the DRIVE will also have been changed to the middle setting. 


All the POTS seem to work this way and this just seems wrong to me. How do I independently set DRIVE vs. BASS, EFFECTS vs MID, etc? Or is the "other" setting unchanged until you tweak the pot? 


Thank you.



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Since I think that I have figured this out, I'll post it here. 


Take the Delay/Treble pot as an example. Set the Delay (no ALT required) to max. Then hold down ALT  (Save) and turn that same pot to get a Minimum Treble setting. The delay will stay at the original MAX setting. But if you then just touch that Delay pot (no ALT), since the pot position is physically at the Minimum position, Delay will instantly become the Minimum value. So you can set those two parameters independently, but (assuming that the pot changed from the last time Delay or Treble was changed) it will change instantly if that pot (with the matching ALT or not button down) is moved any amount. 


It is somewhat counter-intuitive, but if you are going to maintain a correlation between the physical rotation of the pot and its setting, I'm not sure what else you could do here. 



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