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Recording from Headphone jack or main out?

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I have recorded a Practice and a show to SD card and all is good but I don't want the hassle of using a daw when the M20d output already has sounds the way I want it. I know I could record the main mix on SD but the backline instruments will be off.

How do you guys record? I was thinking of using my Android phone but I would need an adaptor for stereo input.

I own an Alesis IO dock that I use with my I pad. could I use that in some way?



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What I've most commonly done:


Record "Inputs ONLY" on M20d to SD Card

Playback the recorded inputs on the M20d and tweak the mix slightly (bear in mind that there is no backline effect when doing so and as such vocals may need to be tamed a little)

Run the MAIN L/R outs into a 2 channel audio interface (Roland DUO Capture EX) and record the outputs in my DAW (Mixcraft)

Mix down to MP3 in Mixcraft have (normally) added the standard "Mastering Room Reverb and Compression" effect

Typically yields a pretty solid recording.


If I want anything more elaborate, then it's a case of importing the individual tracks and doing a full DAW mix.

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