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Logarithmic Sweep of Exp-pedal on non Log Parameters


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Am I the only one having the perception that the sweep of the Exp-pedal is weird. 

First of all it is fine that you can choose "Linear" og "Logarithmic" when using a vol.pedal-block but why oh why is Linear the standard ? 

But worse is that when using the Exp for other things - F.ex. blend a Y-split or Control the Mix of a delay - to me it really looks like something is messed up. A smaller sweep to go from 0-25% than it does to go from 75-100%. 

It gives some sort of Inverted Logarithmic Sweep which does not make any sense to me.

The sweep is the same as when you use a Linear Pot for a unit that actually is meant for Log-pots. 

Does anyone else see this problem and can L6 tell if this is intentional or what is up ? 

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