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Deluxe Reverb Preset nails it


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Getting deeper into modifying the stock presets for my own set up (XLR out from Helix into a Tech 21 Power Engine 60 with a Celestion G12H) and decided to do an A/B between my 1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb (with a Weber F12-150) and the stock US Deluxe Nrm preset.

With very little tweaking, this patch is 99% of the real deal. The only place I notice a hair of difference is the lower strings, but it is really, really close. Even the tremolo and reverb are spot on.

Nice job, Line 6.

Next up, my Bogner Shiva!

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On of the stupidest (well two) things I ever did is let my 1966 Super Reverb and an similar vintage Deluxe go. But now the Deluxe Bright is my GOTO Helix amp, so I guess I recovered. The issue in those days is that there were no really good distortion pedals that could create a good Blues sustain sound without running the amp full volume. I did all kinds of things to try to work around this including creating a biased dioide clipping circuit between the jumped vibrato and normal channels of that Deluxe (with HiFi tone controls in the normal channel). But there was no good way to switch that. Everything has changed now, and I can now use Helix for front of the amp effects into my old Fender Showman and get exactly the tone I was looking for. But I can also get that from Helix into my EON610 stage monitor too - it's not quite the same, but close enough.

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That is my desert island amp for sure, and the one that started my vintage amp collection.

A buddy of mine has one of the reissues, and I did a side by side with that. It was very close.

Mine smells better when the tubes heat up though.

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Stock preset with these settings:

Drive 4.4

Bass 5.0

Mid 4.0

Treble 5.7

Presence 1.4

Obviously your monitoring will affect how it sounds to you, but I did the A/B with my Tech21 Power Engine, which for a cheap box, sounds really good.

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