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Looper function on Firehawk 1500


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Can anyone help with the procedure for using the looper function on the Firehawk 1500 ?.

Can't seem to get mine to work using the app on my tablet. As usual with Line 6 the Pilots Guide is ok as far as it goes but for simpletons like me they should think about providing more information on some of the functions. I can't be the only one who has experienced problems through lack of information. line 6 seem quite happy for their customers to find out stiff for themselves.

I thought I read somewhere that in order to use the looper you need the footpedal- presumably that is the FBV3 !.


derek B.

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Derek, I agree re comments on more explanation for people like you/me - there seems to be assumption that we are all fully knowledgeable muso's - many of the expressions used like Sag and low shelf freq or low shelf gain (what's the difference) speed/mix/depth/Feedback/Manual - some are obvious but what's manual for instance!! And as you say many of the instructions are minimal and at least one is completely wrong in the Pilots Guide the instruction for factory reset is in fact the instruction to put it into test mode.......


Sorry I can't help re looper, I'm sure some dude will - I look forward to hearing the answer......just had to share the above



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If you do a Google search for meambobbo's pod hd guide you will find good explanations to terms of parameters there

You can download a pdf version to read anytime and although it relates to the hd500 a lot of it applies to the firehawk stuff too

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If you want to learn more about "sag" in tube amps there is a great article describing this on the aikenamps.com web site. Basically it is a natural drop in rectifier tubes and others in a tube amp that fluctuates with your attack style giving you dynamics that usually cannot be reproduced on solid state amps.


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