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Can it be done...midi program AND cc in patch mode

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Just picked up a 5153 50w. I was sold by the fact that the fx loop is midi switchable.


Now according to the manual, the patch footswitches on the pod hd will NOT send cc messages (required to control 5153 fx loop) unless in pedalboard mode. So to me, that means in patch mode I can only change amp channels (controlled by midi program change message).


I have an amp gizmo as last resort, but would love to ditch it. Any way to send both program and control messages in patch mode by pressing one footswitch?

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True about sending CC on Program Change, Only works in 5-8 (pedalboard) mode. But that said, It will only send a Toggling CC, and your Value options are limited to 0 and 127. You need <=63 for Bypass and >=64 for Enable,so it should work.

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