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How about a Helix with built in power amp?


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I'd like to see a Helix model with built in power amp - kind of like Kemper has.  That way you only have to have a cab if you don't want to go direct - or need it for any reason.


There could be a solid state version at one price point - and a tube one at another.  


That would be cool wouldn't it - a Helix with Tubes.  (May as well make it where you can re-bias and use whatever tubes you want too - I mean if you're gonna go all the way why not :))

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It only seems like the next logic step in typical Line 6 product evolution...AX212, Vetta, DT, StageSource, Firehawk...


What would be REALLY cool is a DT/Firehawk 1500 hybrid that would do wet/dry/wet, tube (w/ topology) or digital solid state power, 1 or 2x12 woofers, 2x6.5 coax, 1 horn, defeatable tweeters/horns and coax speakers (for tube amp models, or whatever).  I mean digital solid state power is pretty cheap, and tube/solid state amp switching technology has been around for a while (Radial Headbone TS).  Could be combos or separate head/cabs.


Summer NAMM 2016 is coming up in June ;)

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Vetta III  :D



Exactly what I thought when I read this.

I'm sure something like this may happen, but i already own a FH1500 and plan for Helix to play thru it. BTW the Firehawk 1500 is awesome sounding on its own without Helix.

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