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How To: Harmonize A Minor 3rd Down


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Hello all I hope you are doing well.


I've been working on Black Star by Yngwie. Some parts have harmonized guitars. Guitar 2 is a minor 3rd lower than guitar 1.


    Can you tell me how I would configure a harmonizer effect to double my guitar a minor 3rd lower?  It appears the "smart harmony" can do it....but I find it a bit unnerving that you have to specify a key. This leads me to suspect it may become inaccurate or "confused".


Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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Just select Ab(flat), then select minor, and/or Eb. Don't remember the key, but it's one of those two. The harmonic minor raised 6th won't confuse the harmonizer in a way that you would notice when/if you play that note, and I haven't used the harmonizer in a while so it might actually have "harmonic minor" as an option. You'll be very pleased with the results. As for picking a specific key, well, you kind of have to since it's a "smart" harmonizer, otherwise it would be a static interval and just be a plain ol' pitch shifter (which the pod also has if that's what you're looking for.) Good luck, have fun, and don't hurt yourself. :D

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Sounds like some post production embellishment in parts.


What ever the key is, probably G, two smart Harmonies. One in G major the other in Em, one non shifted should get you there, essentially the same thing but not quite,  30%wet . Best setup left and right.

turn off for chromatic runs and outside the key elements.

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Two additional tips:



If you need to change the scale or the intervall  within the lead part you are playing, you can do this by assigning the scale (or any other parameter of the smart harmonizer) to the MIN or MAX of the available controllers like EXP-1, etc. With this feature you even can play pretty challenging solo parts as well.



Another point I found out is, that you have to experiment with the mixer parameter on each song to find an appropriate mix of both guitars. I often find myself setting a mix between 35 - 50 %.

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