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Pod 2.0 no sound

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I have a Line 6 Pod 2.0 and i am not getting any sound out of it, I am using a 1 spot power adapter with the correct adapter to fit the power slot.  I am wondering if that is it?


Basically when i have it plugged in and try to play any of the patches there is almost no sound except for a small amount creeping through, almost sounds like a noise suppressor but with the threshold overpowering the signal.


List of stuff i have checked,


tried different cables for both the output and input


tried different guitars with actice and passive pickups


tried both outputs (Direct/Amp)


made sure the output level and drive were up


turned off all effects and ran it straight through


have tested on both my home studio, a tube amp and a solid state amp



Can't seem to get anything out of this thing, which i do want to demo, weird thing is when i do turn on an effect like the flanger or phaser, i can slightly hear the waves happening..but still a very ultra weak signal


Any thoughts?

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The Pod's PS is 9vAC, 2000mA, I think the One Spot is 9vDC IIRC ~ 1500 - 1700 mA. Could be the problem right there. Try it with the original PS.

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