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Variax 700 Electric Unable To Reinstall Flash Memory Or New Sounds

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I bought a pre-owned Variax 700 electric. This guitar had a bundle of modified sounds on it. I wanted to have the original sounds back so I googled and found this page:


I did what was described in that reply and discovered that after I had done it that all presets were gone and sounds were mixed up. For instance: there are now acoustic en sitar sounds in Spank en Lester positions. I now have only 5 sounds in all guitar model positons. I googled more information and found out that the article above was for a Variax Acoustic 700. So I found this page:


I downloaded the Line6 Monkey and Workbench. I tried to reinstall the flash memory several times and updated drivers, but nothing changes. I also downloaded the sounds from my Variax 500 to the Workbench and sent it to my 700, but nothing has changed. I still have only 5 sounds on my 700.


Can anyone help me please?


Kind regards,


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Update: problem solved.


I got this information from Line6 technical support:


Hello,Re-installing the flash memory on the Variax is the only way to get those models back on the Variax guitar.When you re-install the flash memory on the Variax, please make sure that you are selecting 'NO' when it asks if you would like to keep the presets on the Variax.I would try re-installing the flash memory again (a few times more if needed). Also, if the all models return, but are in different locations than where they should be, you can calibrate the guitar following the procedure in the middle of this document: the problem persists, there may be a hardware problem with the guitar that would need to be serviced: are limited parts for the original Variax guitars, so if it is a hardware problem, it may need to be repaired on a component level.Regards,Line6Hugo
I had to calibrate the guitar and now I have all the factory presets back.
Line6= awesome
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