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Just ordered the 75


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Heard great things about this Amp and not so good things,but I've ordered one anyway so I guess I'll find out if it's for me or not?


Hoping the update process will be a smooth one? Sounds like a nightmare,I'm hoping to update it with my Apple Mac book by downloading the updater then flashing it with the USB cable. I don't own any thing else Apple so no updating through Iphone/Ipad etc.


Is there anything else I need to do or prepare for?



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Well got my Amp,updated via Apple Mac book, no trouble whatsoever phew!


Not had much of a mess yet, but some of the tones suck to be honest, got some good ones too tho.


Will report back when I've had a few weeks with it.

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Just got mine this week and could not update via USB on a Mac but no problem using the iPhone to update albeit 45 minutes. But it worked great! Enjoying it very much. When u did try to use computer to update I got this black screen that said "Select a Product to Update" but there was no list. Just the black screen. Anyone else have this issue on a Mac?

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Didn't get no black screen.

This was the procedure I followed on my Macbook Pro.

1.Downloaded the Line 6 updater to my Mac.

2.Connected to the Amplifi via USB from the Mac.Put Amp in update mode.

3.Opened the Line 6 Updater Application on my Mac.

4.Signed into Line 6 account, followed the instructions.

5.This then presented me with a picture of the device to update.

6.Then factory reset.


Updated, took about 10mins,job done.


Had a good play last night,connection dropped out a lot and had to reboot both App and device several times.


Hope this isn't going to become the norm, or it's going back.


It is a great amp apart from the connectivity issues STILL, that's already been well documented.

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I have had zero connectivity issues so far ðŸ‘ðŸ»! A few issues getting the device to return to any saved settings for my presets! I'll tweak a sound and save it with same name to My Tones followed by a save to the amp. When I switch preset locations and return to the one I previously saved it defaults to the old setting. If I tweak a preset and save it with a new name to the amp then it works correctly. Anyone else have this experience?

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Probably like you save a file on a computer, can't save the same name?

Seems like it should just update or over write the file which is what happens on a computer. It does not. Also in My Tones I have 5 of the same preset because it is storing the newly saved files all slightly different because they have been tweaked then saved. It does not update or overwrite the file.


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