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Amplifi - Best Results...Remove Cabinet Modeling and Amp Bypass

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Hi all,


This may be a stipid post and really obvious to you all, but I'll say it anyway....Also, this has been said before, so it's nothing new, but I'll say it anyway....It's kind of important!!


If you play your Amplifi device into a guitar amp, I have found the best sound comes when you turn off Speaker Cabinet Modeling. Select "No Cabinet". This will make it sound very thin when played through headphones, but when played into a guitar amp, it sounds significantly better. This is particularly noticable on distroted amps and settings. Clean tones are almost always good anyway you do it.


Also, in terms of hooking up the Amplifi device to an amp, I'm have traditioanlly plugged my Table Top into the effects loop of the amp. This has worked well, bit I'm starting to think the better way is to bypass the internal amp controls completly and use the RETURN side only. I tested this out with a solid state Marshall amp last night and I think it sounded the best. The down side to doing that is that your amp is completly bypassed and the Line 6 controlls 100% of the show, whereas if you have the Amplifi device in the effects loop (traditioan way maybe) you can use the Amplifi AND the amps internal controls.I think it really depends on the amp you are using and the quality of speaker cabinet (not a model, but a real speaker). For this reason, it's best to know the different ways to connect the Amplifi device to an amp (in front of an amp, in the amp's effects loop and bypass the internal amp's controls).


The bypass method is done like this:

  1. Amplifi LEFT/MONO OUT --> into Amp Effects Loop RETURN (SEND is NOT USED).
  2. Then plug a dummy 1/4" into the Amp's guitar INPUT (6" patch cable works great). Nothing is connected to the other end!
  3. You guitar is plugged into the Amplifi guitar INPUT.

Good luck!!!


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