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Variax with USB interface and Workbench

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Could anyone help me with this please .

Just connected my JTV to my PC using the supplied interface with the intention of playing around with Workbench for the first time.

When I came to disconnect my interface cable from my Variax I was unable to remove the connection. I don't have any trouble removing the

Variax to amp connection , I simply press down on the metal clip and whilst holding it down just pull out the plug. That however does not work with the interface cable- I just can't move it.

Any ideas anyone ?. Obviously I now can't use the Variax  until I get this damned thing out.


Derek B.

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I've seen problems of this sort occur when a cord-mounted connector is stepped on and bent slightly out of round.  Have you tried sitting the guitar on a table where you can hold in the release tab and wiggle the connector back and forth as you try to pull it out?  Unless the release clamp is outright broken it should move.

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Great!  Based on Charlie's post it would be a good idea to take a close look at the RJ-45 (plastic plug in the connector that was trapped).  If the release tab is still there, consider disassembling the connector and breaking it off.  The release tab is needed only when the RJ connector is alone on the end of the cable.

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