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My New Helix Dream Rig


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Hey all,


Long ago, I had a DT50 112 combo.  But do to lack of space and funds, I was forced to sell it.  Since the, I've been playing my HD500 and now Helix thru a pair of l3ts.  It's been great, but I've read accounts of people saying how great it sounds when the play their Helices thru tube power amps and I had to know if I was truly missing out.  I don't have room for a combo or half stack and I have to keep it down at home, so this is what I've settled on.  I got a great deal on a used DT50 head and set it on top of my l3ts.  Then I got a Weber Mass III attenuator to help me turn the Master up, but keep the volume down.


For electric sounds, I'll go from Helix via L6Link to the DT50.  Then take the Direct Out into the back of one l3t, then out the thru jack to the other.  For acoustic/synth sounds, I'll go from Helix to the side inputs of the l3ts.


It's still a work in progress and I'm still getting familiar with all the moving parts.  I've updated the firmware and downloaded DTedit, but I still need to follow Colonel Forbin's and radatats's procedures for prepping the DT50 to play nice with Helix.  Does anyone have any advice or see any pitfalls with this setup?


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