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Death Metal sound


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Hello people.


I just bought a line 6 hd 500, i was playing on a POD 2.0 (the bean) and it´s so crazy screaming like a demmon, so i was wonder, if this bean sound like this, how can be the sound of a hd500? so i bought it.... But .... one of two, or i´m so silly to configurate this one or my amp is not giving the goal..... My Amp is a line6 spider  4 120... i hace been watching videos, i read the manuals.... and i can´t to fine the right sound for a distortion for death metal.... The mine is so dirty.... i´m searching for crunch, weight and definition.... somebody over here posted a setting for download.... i did it and its works fine, but...i´d like to try something better....


There someone who share some configurations for download and i could try this ones?



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You need to use a lot of the parametric EQ's to dial out unwanted frequencies in order to tighten up the tone for what you want.

Use this: to figure out the frequencies by percentages and then use the parametric EQ to filter out all the crap from your tone so that you are left with only what you want to hear.

You prob gonna need to use 2 or 3 or them to get the desired effect.

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