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Helix as audio Interface


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Hi Everyone


I have a major issue with my Helix.....

I previously used POD HD Pro X as my audio interface with Cubase 6, 7 & 8.5, with absolutely rock solid performance on a Windows 7 i7 machine.

I have migrated to Helix and no matter what I do the results are awful.

Tracks that I have previously constructed using the HD Pro, with EZ drummer, Halion and Omisphere plus multiple audio tracks are now spluttering and dropping out, with the performance meters all going into the red constantly, where previously only very light load was noted.

I can only imagine that I have something not set quite right as it is too bad to comprehend.

I am certain that some of you guys must be using a similar combination of DAW / Helix and wondered how you are setting things up.

Any help / suggestions would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance.


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Hi Guys


Thanks for the responses to date, I have tried to play around with the buffer settings, no matter what I do I get these drop outs and hangs, clicks, pops etc.

I have limited options available from control panel in relation to sample rates, with no 48k option available?

This is a massive downer on Helix for me as I want to use it principally for recording.

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Well I'm on a Mac so it could be different and this is just a guess. I assume the sample rate options would be listed in Cubase preferences. Try unplugging any other audio interfaces also. Did you install the driver?

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Just to check, I believe the Helix is locked at 48Khz when using it via USB as an interface. On OS X there really isn't a control panel, I'm not sure what there is on Windows. One thing I noticed within Cubase when using the Helix as an interface, I couldn't seem to change the sample rate. I use a separate audio interface though because I need to have low latency for e drumming. I looked as the built in interface as a bonus but I can see where it would be frustrating if you were trying to use it as one.

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This could be very unique to my Alienware x51 R2 computer, but I had to change my USB cable type and computer USB port type when I got my Helix two years ago.


I was having issues with hum, noise, and dropout when I first got Helix.  The USB cable I had always used had a round ferrite magnet built in for EMF shielding.  I had a second USB cable with ferrite magnet that cased the same problems for me.  When I changed to a really cheap USB cable with no magnet, my issues went away.


Helix is also USB 2.0.  I had some more dropout issues plugging into my USB 3.0 (blue SS+) ports,   I switch to the black USB 2.0 ports and the dropouts went away.


Again, these may be old issues isolated to my specific computer, but that's what worked for me.

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