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Amplifi FX100 pedal calibrating and bluetooth problems

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Have a problem with  calibrating pedal on AMPLIFi fx100.

I followed the instructions  in  this video


When i moved the pedal  to the toe position and pressed the display have not change  number  on the display to "2".

 (from this instruction http://line6.com/support/page/kb/_/amplifi-products/fx100/amplifi-fx100-post-update-reset-and-pedal-calib-r645 )

Before i made  firmware update  to the latest version and  factory reset.

Was my  previous steps correct?

And  there is one more trouble with wah/volume pedal- it's going hardly  while   i change position.


Also have a problem with bluetooth.

I am  using android 4.2.1  device. After pairing  fx100 with my device i opened   AMPLIFI REMOTE app, but  i am always have a message " amlifi lost data connection ". Some times it's working  only in tone editor (no tuner, levels and etc). Application don't see my amplifi and says "none".


I will appreciate for any help.


P.S. Sorry  for my english.

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