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Running helix into combo front


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Hello all,


Figured my previous thread had progressed past its use by date so decided to create a new one.


Day one I've set up a hand full of presets that can be changed between, these are just big standard presets to get audio in the DAW. I was relatively happy with them.


I saved duplicates of each patch and altered the output. Then fed the cable into an old 1x12 combo I had.


First thing I noticed was the level that Helix was putting out was monstrous, this is probably down to not having used the regular output so it was maxed out at 100%, instead of being subject to the volume knob.


There's obvious no typical (combo front/stack front) selectable a that have been present on previous units.


Ive had a brainwave, perhaps I should adjust my patches in the studio without the Global EQ enabled.

Then wheb in happy, plug direct in and adjust the global EQ so that it matches.


I will be changing the outputs of each channel again as it doesn't strike me as being "right" having it the other way around.

After all, the level coming out of the amp was way louder than that of the standard "guitar-direct-into-combo" volume


I tinkered with the removal of the amp and cab, I found it best to keep it enabled.


We'll see what happens when I run through my 2x12 hot rod deville on Saturday morning I guess!

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You can set the 1/4" outputs to "Instrument" in Menu>Global Settings>Ins/Outs.  You'll need to press Page > once to see the setting.  The default is "Line" which is usually to hot for the front instrument input of an amp.


Did you try just running the Helix out into the Power Amp in of your Fender Hot Rod 2x12?  I think this would be the preferred method if you are running amp models too.  1/4" outputs should be set to "line" for this method.


If you do this, you might also try running Amp or Preamp only blocks, no cabs.  That's what sounds best to me on my Mesa Mark V combo into the effects return, which should be the same as your power amp in on your fender.

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We'll see what happens when I run through my 2x12 hot rod deville on Saturday morning I guess!


Try connecting Helix 1/4" out -> to the FX loop return of your hot rod deVille; use full Helix amp and cab models, and bypass the hot rod preamp

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You know what.... Roscoe might've had it there....

When I was at practice, I didn't adjust any of the line/instrument settings.

It could be the 1/4" out was still set to be using the Line level settings....from the home studio.

Looks like i'll have to dig the old Peavey 1x12 out again tonight, to see if I need to adjust the patches again.

Since my earlier post.
I took my initial patches and created 4CM method versions of each.
I removed the Cab sims from the signal change and replaced the Amp blocks for matching Pre-Amp blocks (they sounded similar but had much lower gain staging.

Tonight I'll try returned the Pre-Amp blocks to Amp blocks.... then check that all outputs are set to instrument level.

Working progress.... I wouldn't have overlooked the Ins/line settings, if there was a manual switch on the unit itself (Like me ol' Pod XT live).


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