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AT4 IR Mesa Recto Amp Cab 412 SM57 (WTF Happened!!! Version)


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So I went back to the very first Mesa Recto IR and tried to figure out why it sounded SO different than the newer ones I was making.  Turns out that I made the beginner "mistake" of not turning off the Mesa Dual Rectifier amp in Amplitube when I was just trying to IR the cab!


So I have made a newer version of that first Mesa Cab+Amp IR applying some lessons learned since the first one.  I think this clearer and more usable version of it.


Try it with just a Cali Rectifier Preamp block too!  Sounds killer.  Be sure to experiment with the IR samples, low cut, and high cut.


Again, a happy mistake leads to new IR possibilities.  I don't know where the heck to go with this now.  Helix preamps and AT power amp/cab IR's?  Waters=muddied!


Note that playing the IR by itself does not sound like a full amp at all.  Maybe closer to a power amp and cab.  It is really is its own beast.


Attached the IR Mesa Recto Amp Cab_hx.wav to this post and uploaded to Dropbox.

Mesa Recto Amp Cab_hx.wav

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