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Power Amp + Cab IR's Added


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I have added equivalent Power Amp + Cab IR's on Dropbox along with the speaker-only IR's I previously made.  These have a lot thicker sound and I believe have captured more of the tube power amp + cab interaction and vibe.  These can be use with Helix preamp blocks as well as amp blocks.


Using them with preamp blocks will allow you to split the signal after the Helix preamp block for a virtual effects loop or to send preamp signal to your real tube power amp or amp effects return, the run the Amp +Cab IR to the Helix XLR for front of house sound.  Since Line 6 hasn't published separate Power Amp models & blocks, these Power Amp + Cab IR's will get you in the neighborhood of that functionality with a Helix preamp block.  


Maybe they will save Helix processing resources too with a preamp only block, who knows.


These IR's should give you completely different sounds than Helix models and Ownhammer or Redwirez IR's.

  • Mesa Dual Recto Pwr Amp +Cab
  • Marshall JCM800 70 80 Pwr Amp + Cab
  • Marshall Plexi GB Pwr Amp + Cab
  • Fender Twin 212 Pwr Amp + Cab
  • Fender Deluxe 410 Pwr Amp + Cab
  • Engl Pball 412 Pwer Amp + Cab (Norm & Deep) & Cab



Be sure to experiment with the Low Cut, High Cut, and 1024/2048 samples.  These may distort a bit, so try turning down the Helix preamp or amp model Master level and turn up the IR level if unwanted distortion occurs.


Files on Dropbox

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