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Pod Hd500 Patch Change Issue


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I have 5 banks filled with patches which used to work perfectly fine. Now all four patches of the first bank work fine, but when I change bank, like to the second one, there is no sound from any patch, even in the third bank, only the third patch of the 3rd bank has sound, and only the second and third patches of the the fourth bank has sound, this is a really weird problem, I have never faced this before.

But when I connect the unit through POD HD Edit software and double press any patch from any bank, there is perfect sound.

I have tried reinstalling firmware, but nothing has helped.

Please help?



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After you've reinstalled the firmware have you done the global settings reset? Could be it... The other thing is that it may be that those patches got corrupted somehow. That's not unheard of.

Global setting reset?

I pressed no when it said "Do you want to save the existing patches"

I've installed the patches again and it is still giving the same issue, its giving the same issue even with the factory setlist. 

What should I do?

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I would try re-installing the firmware and doing the global settings reset. The instructions are here:

I've tried doing this, the problem is still there, plus my unit hangs when I do the global resetting. "Update Flash" Nothing comes after that, the flash is the latest version!

This is really annoying. :(

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i have had the same thing since the latest update. 

many patches, maybe 25%,  are mute. (edit/usb not connected).

i found if i go to tuner and back to the patch, the sound returns.

not a particular elegant workaround, but nothing else helped so far.

i also get the impression the sound is not like it used to be, even though not dramatically bad.

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