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Wah help


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Figured it out. I wasn't pressing the pedal all the way down to engage. You really have to give it a push.


I used to use a Digitech IPB-10 and it actually had a parameter that allowed you to dial in the sensitivity of the expression pedal footswitch.  Not sure exactly how they did that but it worked great and it was really nice to be able to customize how hard you needed to stomp on the switch to get it to activate.

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HI there.

please  understand, as a musician, i am all over it. . and as a techie type. .i am beyond stupid.


   is it possible to lay out a step by step way to get the wah working with Helix. . .  i know its simple . .to all and any who see it. ...but. ..  i am basically tech blind.

i have picked up on how to tweak sounds and such, but for some reason the wah is just a mystery.


Thank you.


Bone Head

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I was so lost when I got mine I did not know it even had a switch under the pedal, I had been turning mine on and off using an assigned switch. I had not been using a wah in some time so I missed that in the manual. Nothing like being lost on a new unit, seems impossible but after about a month your programming improves so much listening to the custom tone stuff makes you cringe.

Been using a lot of the routing loop ability in the Helix, this is worth the price of admission to have quality sounding loops with even added volume/level control, marvelous.

I have pretty much resolved to using outside pedals for the front end stuff as really digital just has not gotten there for me in duplicating drives and high gains. I do appreciate the effect to model a Klon and such but really that does not sound like a Klon set clean which is how I use mine. The TS is dead on but that is a simple circuit. The Timmy does not sound the same to me either but I understand they are to push the amp models and probably not meant to sound great as stand alones like the real deal. 


Digital really shines in delay and reverbs (hopefully being updated to HX), and the modulation digital wise has really come along in the last years, used to be terrible.

The Helix has some marvelous modulation effects in there, the Vibe,Trems, some of the phaser and flanges. 

Something about analog with drives and whatnot that are just different. I really wish they would stop trying to load up the Helix with the POD and M thing in effects, so many of them are just terrible. If you were for the love of god going to model a Whammy pedal or a pitch/harmonizer why on earth model an old version monophonic tracking pedal circuit? I mean seriously I can just get a new polyphonic tracking Digitech Ricochet for like $130 and it wipes the floor with all that glitchout mimic copy of bad pedals. Sure I can just not use the stuff and farm out to pedals but it seems the Helix potential is being pushed into turning it into another POD version. I hope not but that is their puppy.

I hate PODs, been there done that, from here its on to Fractal or Kemper but the Helix is so cool and love the other features. Hoping they do not listen to the bad tastes in pedal effect wants. Concentrate on the amp modeling section, improve the reverbs, we do not need another POD version and for those who love that thing get one. Leave the Helix alone. 

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I had trouble engaging the unit's expression pedal for wah at first; now it's about as easy as a "real world" wah. You don't have to push it hard; just put a little weight on it and it'll click on. I particularly like the "Throaty" one!


But here's the weird thing: I found the default setting for the wah to be much louder than the original signal, especially on clean amps. I think the second post I made after joining this forum was about that. Somebody told me to turn the mix parameter down, but all that did was mix more of the straight signal in. Now I turn the wah level down to around -.07 dB. I just found that a little strange, as I've owned AxeSys 2x12, Flextone, Vetta and Pod HD500 and none of those units' wahs behaved like that. No big deal, just a bit of an oddity.

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I think my fav is the weeper, at least it is more versatile to my various external pedals. I've messed with them all and seem to keep coming back to the weeper, chromes and thoaty but sometimes the sweep range is not all that great and for sure I turn mine down -3db seems to do well. The Teardrop is very mild if one wants a very light wah. 

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