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IPhone Decibel Meter


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Just got my Helix today, had about 30 minutes running thru stock presets, tweeking here and there, pretty satisfied so far. I like the clean and mid gain amps, but I can see the higher gain stuff is going to need level matching. I've relied on my ears for the KPA the last few years, but I like the idea of meter leveling. I play on a silent stage to FOH, and my sound has to be consistent. Does anyone use an IPhone app meter, if so what is a good one that is accurate and easy to use?

Thanks in advance. Btw, I haven't updated my Helix yet(1.04), will do tomorrow.

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Search the iOS app store for Faber Acoustical. They have several apps that could help you. I use SignalScopePro, which includes a great set of meter functions along with FFT and octave displays. Everything can be calibrated if you have access to calibrated standards. For a quick and dirty "loudness" tuning, no calibration is needed. I would inject some pink noise at the start of your signal path-bring it in from the Faber app or other suitable source-on a patch that will be your "standard" for loudness, and take a reading from a set distance. Then, inject the same pink noise into your patches to be "matched" and set levels as you see appropriate along the signal path until you get roughly the same measurement at the same distance. You don't need calibration since you aren't going for a strict quantitative value, you're just normalizing everything.


Hope that makes sense...

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