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I cant find this answer anywere:

How much time does it take for g10 to completely charge?

And, do I need to drain all the battery before charge? To increase its lifetime?

Thank You

By the way, Why in all vídeos you almost dont see the transmitter?? Looks like you are hidding the bug? I want to see it in a good plan or, some pictures.. I'm affraid its too big and becames uggly

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Q: How long does it take to charge the battery?
A: On average, a transmitter with its battery in a discharged state has given the following results when tested:

  • 15 minutes of charging gives at least 1 hour of run time
  • 30 minutes of charging gives at least 2½ hours of run time
  • 3½ hours of charging gives at least 8 hours of run time
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The Line 6 USB charger adapter provided with the G10 Relay is rated at 5v, 1A (1000mah). If you use another USB charger or power source such as may have been provided with an older smartphone, a Bluetooth device, or a computer USB hub connection, etc., you must assure that it is meets this power requirement. Some such USB charge sources only provide 5v at 500mah, 750mah, or 800mah. Some are even less! I have one from a Plantronics bluetooth ear bud that only provides 350mah. I would not bother to waste the effort to try such with the Relay G10.

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Yesterday everything was ok, Today I'm charging transmitter 4 hours already and it's still red. But when I put it into my guitar, flickering green. What is that issue?


Have you installed the latest firmware.  I believe this is one of the issues that it addressed.

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