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There's no 'Hardware Montior Level'

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I have connected my Pod HD300 in my Windows10 PC.

All the drivers/firmware/whatever in Line 6 Monkey are Green and up to date.




What I want to do is that be able to monitor my guitar only from the DAW. The reason is simply because I am using effects and I need to listen the processed signal from the DAW (in my case Cubase) instead of the POD HD itself.


So, I went to the Line6 Audio and Midi Devices Panel > Inputs and Recording

but there's no  "Hardware Montior Level" 





Why is that?

According to the Line6 manual instructions there should be there and I should turn this off.


If using POD HD500 as the audio interface for recording into a DAW application, then

your DAW may also offer its own “software monitoring†function. You may want to

use the DAW’s software monitoring in some scenarios, such as if you want to hear your

guitar signal processed with plug-ins on the DAW track. When utilizing DAW software

monitoring, you’ll want to set this slider’s level to minimum to allow you to hear only the

DAW software monitoring signal.


well it says HD500, but I don't think it's different from HD300.


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The HD300 and 400 are different than the 500 (this difference is 100 each :ph34r: ).

In the Advanced Guide for the POD HD 300 & 400 search "USB Monitor".

It is a parameter you can adjust on the hardware and should be what you're looking for.

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