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Toneport Ux2 - Running Through Hifi Amp?

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I have a PC/Mac hybrid with Line6 Toneport UX2 soundcard a PS3 (with optical output). I use the toneport for all my guitar/bass amplification needs at home and also record with it via Logic Pro.

I have a decent pair of PC speakers (Hercules 2.1) but cant hook the PS3 up to them. 


I'm thinking about getting something like this Denon Mini Hifi which will easily accommodate the Toneport UX2. It's small which is important as it'll be going in my very small home office.


My main worry here is that it wont sound great; but surely it'll be far better than my PC speakers??? I'm especially worried about how the speakers might handle angry guitar tones etc.


I know for a home studio setup the ideal is to use studio monitors but I don't have so much flexibility with inputs with those and I guess they are only good for work via Logic really. 

Anyway guys, your experiences/thoughts/recommendations would be appreciated on this.


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Not sure what type of inputs it has, but if they are not line level you would just need to be careful with the levels so you don't damage the Denon's input or speakers. But many users have  reported success using their HiFi system to monitor their UX. I did this with a cheap bookshelf stereo with a PODxt until I could afford decent monitors.


In the meantime you should be able to connect your PS3 to your PC speakers with something like this:

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Any idea how I find out about line levels? I haven't even heard of that before to be honest.


You mention that you have some decent monitors, what do you have and what do you use for an amp?


Also, do the monitors give a good result for things other than music production (ie gaming, listening to music, movies)?


Thanks for the reply!

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The Denon does evidently have a line level input so should be ok I guess? Just need to find some small decent passive monitors.


Would you suggest near field monitors or not. My office is very small; I don't know the difference to be honest though!

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It really depends on how you plan to use them. But if you will mostly be seating at your computer, nearfields will be just fine.


Nearfield monitors typically have a smaller "sweet spot" closer to the monitors that would be optimal for mixing.


That's not to say a decent set can not be used to fill a room with music.


Mid/farfield monitors are design more to throw the sound further.

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