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Helix - Ideascale - Editor - Thank you Line 6

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So, I thought a quick thank you to Line 6 engineers and staff may very well be in order.  I have been reading about how fast everyone wants upgrades and such.  I noticed the Editor came out and then about (less than) 60 days later there was an improvement.  Mind you it is still beta, but I have yet to have any issues and I have noticed some subtleties (of course be careful of ear fatigue - it can be murder after an hour to think I "mistakenly had too much this or that" when my ear actually needed a break).


Yes I want the M13 effects, and I want the Mark iic+, and the other stuff I know Line 6 is aware I voted on to date.  But I am assuming they do not have the Microsoft employee base!  So due to having to completely start from scratch for everything I have voted on from a coding perspective AND how much I am enjoying using the unit in live performances - WOW!  Thank you Line 6.


I have also been fiddling more and more only to find I can now remove blocks I thought I needed after much investigation into the parameters of each block, how to combine blocks [yes I even use three on a single button], and the great "learn" feature. 


And the various contributors to this forum as well as the (and/or their) youtube channels - thank you every so much as well!!!


So, I am using it as my only pedal with a wireless unit (yes it is Line 6).  So far, I haven't missed anything I cannot emulate or wait for.


So ... yea ... Thank you Line 6.  Just sayin'



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