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Schaller drop in locking tuners for JTV59

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Diagrams show the shaft ( tuner hold diameter ) at 9.8 mm  =  .3858 inch  or about 25/64 inch

The thickness of the headstock this is designed for seems to be the same - 9.8mm





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Most aftermarket tuners have a mounting screw (these do), or at the very least a post on the mounting surface that needs a small pilot hole to sit in to keep the tuner in place (Sperzel tuners have the post...see below). Finding something that doesn't require putting a hole somewhere will be easier said than done, unless the stock ones have a mounting screw (or post) that just happens to be in the exact same spot.


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I used these on my JTV59 and they were a perfect fit.  The screw holes even matched up.  I found them at guitarfetish.com.  Search under "Sperzel Style Locking Tuners" if you're interested.




E70 Sperzel Style Locking Tuners 3x3 Chrome

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The Shallers at Amazon show a screw hole.   But I'll also check out the sperzel style.  Yeah main thing is that the screw hole is in the same place as the originals.  My first image in the first post was the wrong type -- those show a pin, not a screw.    If the phillips head screws at the end of each tuning knob ( originals ) can be tightened I might be ok with the existing tuners.



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