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SEND Block increase functionality - easy way to route 1/4in to stage - IDEASCALE


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Hi all,


I just spent a fair while reading all 32 pages of ideas and no-one seems to have though of this one so I thought I should start it off.


Allow the SEND and RETURN blocks to connect to more of the Helix inputs and outputs. 

SEND should also go to 1/4in, XLR, USB, Digital.

RETURN should also return from AUXin, Variax, Digital, USB


This would make Helix's routing even more powerful.


Scenario 1:

A simple way to set up 1/4 in jacks to amp on stage and XLRs with Cab/IR to FOH. You could leave the Helix path output set to "XLR" and then just add a send block before your IR or Cab block that was set to send to 1/4in jack outputs. Simples!

One reason for doing this is that you don't have to use a whole Path line just simply to do Scenario1. Meaning the other Paths can be used for parallel fx routing or maybe processing a mic as well.

Of course to save a path you could connect your amp via a Send socket that you can already select with a Send block - but then you lose the ability to control the stage amp level with the Helix volume knob. 




Set up a USB device in a Send / Return loop easily. Think of the possibilities.......

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