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Mega long shot; anyone selling an 89 fixed?

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So my dad has one - he got it back when they still existed. Now they don't. And I'd very much like my own. Anyone looking to move up to the Floyd version and want rid of their fixed? I had the 69 and absolutely hated it. And I can't imagine the 59 will be anymore to my liking (I'm kind of a proggy/metal kinda guy who occasionally needs to do non prog/metal work!). 

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I own a JTV-89 with the fixed bridge and I love it. I would recommend it to anyone and say don't be put off by the reverse headstock but just play it for a while... Great guitar!


If you are still looking head over to reverb dot com.

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After I heard you can coil split, my interest for the guitar did rise pretty dramatically. The problem is that I want a Les Paul style guitar more over it, probably, so an 89 might come first, but that magnetic versatility seems badass.

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