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Can't get my tones to store on Amplifi hardware.


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I'm trying to place 4 of my tones from the remote app onto the 4 presets A B C D on the Amplifi so I don't need the remote app and can just select them on the Amplifi unit it self.


But they won't save.

I'm using the Android app and latest fw.This is what I've done so far, am I missing something?


1,Selected and highlighted a tone in 'my tones'


2,Pressed the 3 little squares in the top right corner of the Android app.


3,Selected saved to hardware and then chose the User slots A B C or D.


This then says saved to Hardware preset A or which ever Ive choos etc and then goes green.


But when I cycle through the presets the tone isn't there,any ideas or is my unit dud?



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