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iPad contols Amplifi 150 - Knobs no longer work


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I have had my Amplifi 150 for about 18 months and have a strange problem as of late: Volume tone, FX control knobs are totally non-functional. I can't even change any of the 4 presets. The lights are dead. For the most part, it has no effect at all as I rarely use them controlling all tones and FX with my iPad and presets with my FBV Shortboard MKII


It started last fall with the Bluetooth indicator light on the amp. It would no longer light up. No problem as both my iPad and iPhone connect regardless and can control without issue.


Last February, I started noticing that the 4 presets on the amp no longer worked. Nothing serious as this amp is for rehearsals and jams and I could stream my music and control the amp functions and presets via iPad and FBV


Haven't used it much recently but last night, I plugged it in and lo and behold, no Bluetooth light (expected), no volume light, no tone controls, nothing! I connected my iPad and loaded my presets and used it for my rehearsal without issue yet absolutely nothing other than a blip of LEDs on the presets at startup. No pressing of buttons, turning of knobs, etc does anything period.


This does not bode well and would be terrified to use this amp on stage! Yes, the iPad control software and Shortboard work perfectly and there is no breakdown in tone whatsoever.


I updated the software on the iPad as well as the Amplifi 150 to see if a firmware update would take care of the lack of controls on the amp itself and maybe fix the LEDs but that did absolutely nothing.


Has anybody ever heard of such a problem?

I love this amp and the Bluetooth streaming features but will I have a work device 6 months down the road.


Any advice?

How do I get this fixed?

There doesn't seem to be a place for service near Montreal, Canada.

Is there some kind of known warranty issue?


I have done all the precautions for taking care of the unit. None of my other devices connected have any issues so I seriously doubt it is power. I have a Boss GP-10, Tascam recording gear, Line 6 Soundstage mixer all working perfectly well so I know it is not an electrical power glitch of any kind.


Any help or advice would be appreciated.








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If this is built like much hardware today, perhaps the control panel comes down to a ribbon connector that plugs into the internal circuitry.  Maybe your ribbon connector (picture a keyboard on a laptop) has come loose?  You could take it to a factory authorized repair center, but I would open it up myself and make certain nothing has come loose inside.  Just be really careful not to mark up the screws, so it still looks pretty...

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You were absolutely right jdavidboyd.


I had a guitar repair tech I know have a look and he noticed a ribbon connector cable came loose thus disabling all panel lights and controls despite working normally via Bluetooth.

Been too busy to pick up until a couple of days ago and sure enough, I have been rehearsing with it this afternoon at home for the past couple of hours and all is back to normal.


The problem however according to my friend is the wiring harness is extremely tight that vibrations and possibly a few bumps in the trunk probably jarred it loose. He also mentioned the harness is so tight that it could be prone to this happening again and seems to be poor consideration in design, There is also almost zero slack which adds strain to the connector as the whole assembly is tight.


Just a heads up to anyone out there who has similar problems and hope this helps out.

I have had a Line 6 Spider and POD 2.0 over the years which never gave me a single problem. Also use a Relay G90 when not connected to my Roland GK3 gear and love it. Works flawlessly for the past 3-4 years.


I have however had problems with my Stagescape M20D and now the Amplifi 150 and while both are great, did have problems.

Shame as I have been considering the Helix or Firehawk 1500 but with my recent luck with Line 6 over the past 2 years, I have to think twice.


Thanks again.


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