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Amplifi 30 or Marshall code 25 or Fender Mustang II v2...Decisions


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I have a Roland micro cube - brilliant. JpW

I have ampliFi 75.

I think what the amp practice home with much amps emulators and efects is LINE6 Amplifi,and very best sound music mix guitar,and shortboard is completely usable.

Marshall Code, is beautifully amp emulator best amps of the history of rock and sound. I not play amplifire Vs Marshall Code.

Not for sale in Spain.In May have firts units in store music instruments.

Saludos from Spain

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As line 6 Amplifi (Which I like a lot) only uses a third party app to edit their units, using the unreliable bluetooth system,

ie without the App you cannot edit it, so this is a no go, why should I waste good money on an Amplifi, only to have to buy a third party app to edit it!!! seems crazy. Most guys have either a PC or Mac.So no thanks line 6.


The Marshall code uses a similar system but not as  versatile as the  Amplifi system, but it can be edited without a third party App, from the unit itself.


So all that remains is the Fender Mustang, which ticks all my boxes, still not as versatile as the Amplifi but good, the only problem there is its 100 watts output which is too F**king loud, so Im still not decided..........


Now if line 6 decided to make a PC editor that uses USB instead of bluetooth   that would certainly sway me.


That is unless anyone has other ideas? :o

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Not sure what you mean by "Third Party Ap?" The Ap is a free download and it is a proprietary line 6 software companion to the amp series. It is nearly identical to the Firehawk software. I've used both and currently own the Amplifi 75. Also remember that 100 Watts of digital power is probably equivalent to 15 watts in a real tube amp. Another really nice digital solution is the Spyder series of modeling amps, esp the Spyder IV. They all work with the FBV foot pedal or short boards. I owned the Spyder IV 120W that thing could easily blast out a medium size conference hall!! You can get one used for $300!


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Gkf9, Four tones...Four tones...... I laugh in your face :) , when compared to the Marshall Code (100 tones on board plus you can edit from the unit) same with the Mustang III v2. (100 on board tones plus editing) four tones on board is very limiting, and as the bluetooth connection on both my TT and Amplifi 150 proved to be extremely unreliable, on an iPhone and iPad and HTC android, I have wasted enough money and time with Line 6 :P  but in saying this I did, and still do, like the units, its only the limited editing and the totally unreliable bluetooth conections.


Jim, A third party App is anything that's not related to the original units manufacturers, Ie if I wanted to go out and buy an Amplifi, to edit it, I would then need to go out and buy a third party piece of junk, I.e. Smartphone or Tablet in which to edit the Amplifi. The on board editing facilities on the Amplifi series  are none existent. Checked out the Spyder IV, and it seems a bit POD 2 ish, which really is old technology


 Sorry but I think you have been duped by Line 6.


Now if line 6 decided to make a PC editor that uses USB instead of bluetooth Hhmmm now that's a good idea

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Well 4 tones atm is fine for me,I mean I'll never use anymore at any given time.


If I need anymore,I've got 100 to go at from my phone that takes 2 secs at most.


Can swap them in/out with a press of a button at anytime no biggie for me.


I've already got a smartphone so works for me. I've not had alot of connectivity issues lately at all.


I do see your point tho, horses for courses and all that.

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Sinking ships and the like

:) LOL, I like the way Gkf9 writes "I've not had a lot of connectivity issues lately at all" and "4 tones atm is fine for me" why spend all that money on a unit that has a potential to playback thousands of tones, but is limited in storage, reducing the user to four tones.. four tones... Pah

Also you shouldn't get any connection issues, people today will just accept bad workmanship, if more people complained that goods don't do what they were intended to do, the manufacturers might get the message and start producing goods that actually do what they were intended to do. Add to this the frustration of dealing with poor customer services and long waiting times for a contact.... GGGrrrr :angry:  by using a dedicated USB PC/Mac editor Line 6/Yamaha could eliminate almost 99% of their problems.

Thanks for your responses guys, but my Fender Mustang III v2 is arriving today, so if I have problems with that Then.........then.... i'll eat my hat.. even though I don't wear one.

Bye Bye Line 6/Yamaha and thanks for the fish.  

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End of the day I'm happy got 100 tones on my app works for ME.


For the money I paid for it, I'm more than happy, makes a great bluetooth music player too.


I've had 1 connectivity issue in 3 weeks and that was probably down to me.


I'm only using a handful of tones at present, don't need anymore.


I'm only just starting again in the guitar world, and if I ever get to a decent level I'll upgrade my gear for better stuff.


For a bedroom amp it's perfect for ME.


Hope you have better luck with the Fender.

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Practice?  I have an AMPLIFi 150, and a pair of Roland CUBE-80GX amps.  These can get loud enough for shows, so not just for practice. For the 150, I'd need a floor I'd use my FX100 direct instead.

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