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Help! How To Use Smart Harmony Effect for Ambient Patches?


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Hey guys,


These days I am experimenting with some ambient patches and I am just trying to work with the Smart Harmony Effect and create something usable our of it, but I just can't.


I don't even know what its parameters do and I can't find any instructions on the internet as well. 


Could anyone shed some light upon this Smart Harmony Effect? I was thinking about using it for ambient patches, like I said.



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How you can use it for ambient patches can be answered by someone else. 

But as far as using the smart harmony.... 


Smart Harmony requires that you know basic theory (scales and keys). 


It is "smart". It doesn't do a simple +3 (half steps) above the note you are playing.

You choose what key you are playing in, let's say G. Guitar players like G Major (which is also E minor) 

Then you choose the interval, let's choose +3rd. This isn't 3 half steps, it is a 3rd. 

In the key of G, it will play the 3rd above the note you are playing. 

So, a G note would sound like a B. Which is a minor third. 









So, sometimes a 3rd up is going to be 3 half steps and sometimes 4 half steps. It is smart, lol. 

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I often don't use the SH effect for ambient patches, but if you are, single notes are where its at. You also have to know what scale/mode you're playing in and set it accordingly, as mentioned above. When I use the effect, I set the mix around 30%.


For my ambient patches, I either want them to sound like a guitar or like something else, so I'll either use amp models or no amp.


Volume swells are fun as well. You can even assign the bypass volume to the expression pedal if you're not using an amp model. In the delay category is also the auto volume effect, which I place first sometimes for nice auto swells, and with the swell parameter you can set how quick the swell will be, or you can just assign the parameter to the expression pedal and have have fun.


I often use both signal paths, sometimes one of them having a pitch up effect and the other a pitch down, or just one pitch effect (where you can accurately use the mix knob and bypass the B signal path all together) and you could use either the Pitch Shifter or the Smart Harmony effects. I like putting two SH's in either path and mix in a 3rd and/or a 5th for chordal organ sounds, for example.


Particle and Octo reverbs usually get stacked and tweaked according to what I'm trying to achieve, and don't forget the looper! A few different patches with subtle soft licks layered on top of each other is sure to get some panties moist.

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Thanks for your input guys!



How you can use it for ambient patches can be answered by someone else. 


Well I am trying to emulate this tone with the Pod HD: 


And I have tried pretty much every reverb (and combinations of them) and different patch approaches, but even if I get close to his actual "guitar tone", I can't achieve this atmospheric effect that every note leaves behind. It sounds like it's more than some simple reverb(s), so I thought that the smart harmony effect might get me closer.



For my ambient patches, I either want them to sound like a guitar or like something else, so I'll either use amp models or no amp.


The tone I am after is a lot different (see above) 

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I'm only on my phone but that sounds like a digital delay and stacked reverbs. I'm sure a combination of Octo and Particle verbs can get you that sound


I tried every reverb and many combos of them. The particle helped a bit, but the octo didn't. It sounds like something is missing, I don't know how to describe it. If you try to play this part, you will be having a "wrong" atmosphere in certain notes (like when playing the 2nd note he plays at the beginning). His atmosphere in the whole song has the same "sweetness" no matter which note is he playing.


I don't know if you can quite get me.. That why I thought that a smart harmony effect might help me..

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