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Use Midi to turn on/off an effect/block


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I figured out a workaround. I'm using a Fractal Audio MFC-101. In the helix Global setting I have Preset Mode set to Both Rows. I have Stomp Mode Switches set to 10 Switches. From the manual I found the midi assignment that are used for the footswitch functions.


post-36653-0-75723700-1461441883_thumb.png post-36653-0-36446300-1461441895_thumb.png



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Thank you, mkornell Hopefully they'll add this functionality in the future The pedalboard that I'm currently using has more than the 10 available FS switches. For the remainder I'll assign on/off or min/max values for a parameter such as "Mix" or similar.


Update. Many effects do not have "Mix" functionality, so there is no way to use a midi cc message to enable or disable the effect once you've already used all 10 FS switches. 

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