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Is there a way to quickly bypass a patch?


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I don't have my Helix in front of me at the moment, but it should be possible to set up a split, with one "bypass" path and one "effect" path. Then use a switch to only allow one path to be heard at a time, either with bypassing Volume Pedal blocks set to 0% volume, or if you're out of blocks, manipulating the Output parameter of the last block in the chain.

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Some options on how this could be done:

In patch mode if you hold down the footswitch on the current patch it could bypass the patch.


In stomp mode: hold down one of the bank buttons to bypass the current patch.


I'm not with my helix and am assuming these options don't currently exist?



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Once the tuner output bug is fixed this bypass could be accomplished by keeping the tuner output set to multi and then engaging the tuner bypasses the patch.


I believe right now that turning on the tuner while the "Output" parameter is set to "Multi" bypasses the preset's signal chain giving you just your direct guitar sound; although as you discovered, the "Multi" setting reverts back to "Mute" when the Helix is powered off/on. However, I believe for the people who prefer a "Thru" option to "Mute" on their tuner, many of them  would actually prefer that the Helix output the full signal chain in the preset and just leave the tuner up on the screen. This is the way a "Thru" setting works on many tuners, particularly the ones found on traditional standalone pedal board tuners for users who always leave the tuner on while they play and do not mute for tuning or mute at the mixer or somewhere other than their pedalboard (or in this case their Helix). This allows them to tune "on the fly" during a song, something I usually try to avoid.


Ultimately, although a low priority for me, it might be nice to have three options -- to either mute, bypass the preset, or go through the preset with the tuner staying up on the screen (perhaps a smaller version of the tuner that would allow other info to be displayed). I suppose one handy use for a tuner that bypasses the signal chain, although I don't use it that way, is it can be useful for leveling the guitar signal by toggling between the preset and the bypass to get roughly equal volumes, particularly since the Helix currently lacks signal level metering. However, I find the disparity between volume of the direct signal and the processed signal so great on my Helix presets that I think that would be of limited use for me. Personally I always prefer a tuner's "Mute" setting but I think there may be a fair number of users who use tuners differently given the fact that "thru" functionality has remained in almost every tuner on the market.


Note: Line6 has already informed us that the bug with the "Multi" setting retention after power down will be fixed in a future firmware version.Thanks nippyjun for bringing it to their attention and DI for addressing it.

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