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G30 Transmitter looses power

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I've had my G30 for almost a year.


Recently I've been experiencing signal loss from the transmitter during gigs...not good. 


The LED's on the transmitter go off completely, and what I have to do is shake it around, press the battery door, open it, close it, whatever I have to do until eventually it comes back on again. It must be something to do with the battery compartment/connection issue. I've tried using elastic bands around it to try and keep the door firmly closed but that didn't seem to work. Everytime I've replaced batteries I have opened and closed the door the correct way by using the clip.


This is really frustrating because it is happening at every gig now, and is really embarrassing especially when it happens during important guitar parts.


I bought it from Thomann.de, so before I return it I want to see if people have had the same problem and if they rectified it? Or if there is something I am overlooking.




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The battery door has been the subject of many complaints about the G30. It is very insecure and if it is too tight OR too loose against the battery terminals, the unit will shut off. After dealing with this issue multiple times, as well as having the belt clip break and the input jack becoming too loose inside to maintain a signal, I've decided to spend extra money and get a Shure. I wish Line 6 would have addressed these concerns after so many people made them aware.

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problem with this battery door

with something which is not solid to attach it to a belt or trousers


batteries which don't last more than 2-3 hours and not 8 =  3 bad points


must i test a g 10?

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