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Line 6 POD HD500x "Going LIVE"


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Hi Guys I have received A LOT OF HELP from a number of members (DunedinDragon, Cruisinon2, redmonda) and to you i say... THANK YOU... I think i'm making some headway with this thing and I have attached a JPG of how i have decided to run my pedal board.


I am using a Gibson Les Paul into a Mesa Boogie Mark IV and i'm using the 4CM or sometimes i will just plug my POD into the effects return of my amp and bypass the pre amp section depending on the gig.


I think this is one of the easiest ways to get a consistent tone for whatever sound your trying to get.


I would set banks ABCD to whatever pre amp i feel like playing that day (I ONLY USE THE "PRE AMP" MODELS if i'm gonna go into my Mark IV TUBE AMP.)


A- Blacface 'Lux.

B- Tweed B Man,

C- JCM800 or Plexi 100.

D- Treadplate


I use FS 1234 as standard pedals to stomp on or off as i see fit


FS1- Screamer

FS2- Chorous

FS3- Delay -short

FS4- I have left blank so i can assign any pedal i need/want for specciffic tones like a V-troUnivibe, since i dont use regularly

FS5- Tube Drive

FS6- Phaser

FS7- Delay - long

FS8- Solo boost (i use a jumper cable from the POD's Effectls return and send and set the Return level to 6 or 10 DB. (It's like a clean boost)


So on any given day if the band i am playing with is a blusey kinda band, I'll use the Blackface or Tweed amp and if i'm playing metal i'll use the Treadplate or JCM 800 bank


I hope this helps someone.

If anyone has any questions just drop me a note.


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