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Studio recording with Amplify 150


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Any experience of the best way to use the Amplify 150 to record in the studio using miss please ? Ie not using the headphone jack asa line out. Interested to know what mics to use (more than one I suspect??) and what positions to place them to get best / good results please. 

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I don't think (need to check) the USB sends audio signal. 


I'd go with dual mics, similar to this, but would move down and toward the center a bit more to get more of the 12" output, may take some trial and error to find the best mic placement:



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The USB is for direct recording over USB to your DAW.

As long as we're on this topic. What are people using and liking for DAW audio powered speakers to listen to their mixes, etc. something that can direct to computer or use an Apogee type of set up. I'm in the market to improve my audio interface and also have something FRFR to use with Amplifi when I want it. Thx.
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Where is support for audio over USB documented? The manual states "for future use"; it's not listed in the latest firmware upgrade...was it added in a prior firmware upgrade? Which one?  From what I can find, audio over USB is not supported?


I'd be happy to be wrong on this, however! ;)

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Update 2.1 allowed usb to PC/Mac works well enough for GarageBand

Hi Klonny...I've got the latest firmware on the Amplifi and I'm using a Mac with El Capitan OS, but the Mac does not see the amp. I've tried several different usb cables and all the various usb ports on the Mac and still nothing. Is there a simple test I can run to see if the problem is with the computer or the Amplifi? Thanks.

p.s.all the usb ports work fine with other devices like printers and such.


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Just bought a Factory Refurbished AMPLIFi 150 Guitar Amp 150 Watt Bluetooth Speaker System., anxiously waiting for delivery.

I have a Spider IV Jam, but this deal was too hard to refuse.


I had the Mic placement question and found out all this info. Thanks!


Now for a possible dumb question as to the USB output:

This thing has 5 speakers.

Do I get 5 things coming out of the USB or just the 'final result'?


And if Line6 is listening; If you made one with 5 Mic outputs, I'd be willing to test it if I got to keep the mockup... :-)


I'd be interesting in seeing what moving the various frequencies around the 'room' does.

Let alone having different effects added to each by the recording software (Ableton Studio or whatever the 'most fully packed/big' one is called.)

(I am hoping for a tax refund...)

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