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th-IRs-ty Thusday IR's: Purple Rain and Black Mesa


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A little early this week since I will be tied up tomorrow.


I made a few IR's for those who don't have the Ownhammer ones in sminchk67's Purple Rain video and preset.  You should request the preset from him if you haven't already.  I love the use of expression pedal to gain up path 2 for the lead.


Amplitube didn't have the exact cabs, speakers, and mics in Scott's OH IR's, so I made some close approximations.


Path 1 - OH 212 VX30 BLU+M55 121-05, replace with VX30 BLU-GB 121-421


Path 2 - 410 SPRVRB CTS+C10 70-F, replace with BM410 CTS D57-121 or FT212 CTS-C12 D57-121


I also wrapped up what I think are my best REAL Recto amp and Recto 212 cab IR's to date.  They closely matched my real amp in (bed)room sound, as well as the recorded SM57 sound.  The SM57 is about 1-2" off of the cap, off axis into the cone.  I would still High Cut to around 7000 Hz unless you would like them to shave your face ;)


  • MesRec212AmpNeutral - neutral Recto power amp
  • MesRec212AmpNorm - normal balanced Recto preamp
  • MesRec212AmpDeep - deeper sounding Recto preamp
  • MesRec212AmpBright - brighter sounding Recto preamp
  • MesRec212_2ioaD_6L6 - Mesa 290 power amp
  • MesRec212_2ioaD_EL34 - Mesa Stiletto EL34 power amp

Link to root IR folder with all IR's


Have a great weekend all!

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FYI, the Helix cabs are IR's as well and from what I understand sound very good through FRFR speakers.


I'm just finding that sometimes I like a little more tube power amp, and even preamp, coloration and different mic positions and angles on cabs for my headphones and DAW. Plus it's fun to make the IR's to your exact taste ;)

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While I don't have real FRFR speakers yet, I do have a Mesa M9 2x12 bass combo. I ran Helix into the effects loop of that and tried the IR's.


The two IR's below sounded amazing through it, definitely my fav's and played will with all of the high gain amps.  I A/B'd the Helix Cali amp/IR/M9 and my physical Recto amp and Recto 212 and they were very close tonally.  I might say I actually liked playing the Helix/M9 rig better...more punch and presence (probably since it is a bass cab).  I was grinning ear to ear the whole time I was playing.

  • MesRec212_2ioaD_6L6 - Mesa 290 power amp
  • MesRec212_2ioaD_EL34 - Mesa Stiletto EL34 power amp

The other MesRec IR's with preamp flavors sounded funky through the live cab, but sound cool through headphones and DAW.


It's a bit heavy, but I may just make this my guitar rig as well as my bass rig.


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I moved the preamp ones to the Archive folder. They're really not sounding that good to me now.


I worked the mic a little more today and think I have found another sweet spot and angle that may even more closely match amp in room. Not sure if it's a conventional position, but I'll make another batch of IR's for next week and let you guys check em out. Will do the Mesa 20\20 EL84 power amp as well as the Mesa Mark V in its different modes.

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FYI, the Helix cabs are IR's as well and from what I understand sound very good through FRFR speakers.



It seems rather odd to me that Helix cabs only sound "very good" thru FRFR speakers yet redwirez sound very good thru anything capable of playback. I dont know.....I havent heard an inspiring tone yet, that was dialed with a Helix cab.

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