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I need some help with making some tones on my HD500. I recently bought a Telecaster and I'm wanting to create some tones that will really make my tele talk if that makes since. I'm using the HD500 Edit software and I only have the effects as well as amps that are programmed in the software already. So my question is this; What would be good amps and effects to use when I create my sounds using the amp models and effects that I've been giving? The sound I'm going after I am wanting to resemble Jesus Culture, Bethel, and Tenth Avenue North. Thank you and I will greatly appreciate the help.

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I loaded several patches the other day that are used for a lot of Hillsong but are also used for Jesus Culture and Bethel. For example, I use the patch named Crunch for the Bethel version of One Thing Remains. If you go into customtone and search ftuller the patches should come up. They might work for you or at least give you a few ideas for your own patches. I play an SG but you might be able tweak the patches to fit your Tele.<br /><br />To answer your question on amps and effects for Jesus Culture/Bethel tone, amps would be AC-15, AC-30, or the Fender amp models, and the foundation for the effects would be a tube screamer, dotted 8th delay, and reverb. In addition, you could try chorus and the auto volume delay for swells. If you google "Jeffrey Kunde gear" you'll find his page where he goes through all his gear, which might be helpful.

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