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2204 with T75. Sounds great.


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Thanks Raszack.

Glenn DeLaune put me onto the T75.


I've had the Helix for about 6 weeks now, and I'm finally getting the Valve tones I like. Hope this clip helps potential customers to form an opinion.

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Hi guys,

For anyone interested in how good the Helix can sound, recorded direct into a mixer then PC.

I like the Marshall 2204 with a T75 speaker.

The T75 gives great clarity for a stock IR cab.


attachicon.gif2204 T75.mp3

Does sound good. What guitar and what other setting did you have

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Two months with the Helix now. I spent a lot of time on Redwirez IR some Ownhammer etc. I revisited the cabs last weekend with all the mics and mic positions. Wrote down all the ones that grab my attention and that sounded the way I like. 


When the dust settled I ended up with a dual cab with 4x12 1960 T75 160 Ribbon 1" High Cut 7.7 kHz and a 2x12 Silver Bell 67 Cond 1" High Cut 7.7 kHz.


Whatever amp I use they all sound great now! (Obviously I don't look to recreate any specific vintage amp....) 

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I took Glenn Delaune's jumped plexi patch and ran through every single amp cab using every single mic at the 1" position. It's unreal how many different tones you get with one amp model without ever touching the amp settings. Yes, some were not good, but I had a crap ton of very useable and quite a few awesome sounding tones.


It was a very eye opening and educational exercise! Now I get to do it with the rest of the amp models. LoL! That should be a day an amp at a minimum in the afternoons after work.


Proves how powerful cabs/IR's are!

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Thanks you guys for your settings too.


Mine were; 2204

Drive 7.9

Bass 3.0

Mid 4.5

Treb 6.6

Pres 8.0

Ch Vol 8.0

Master 5.4 and the rest was default.


The twin 1960 cabs were set the same like this;

Default except High Cut 6.0 khz and level -2.4db. Don't know what that does but Scott has his cabs at -18db for some reason.

Then room reverb and simple delay. The delay in a loop.


Guitar was a Gibson LP Traditional.


The mixer is a Soundcraft and I added 3db to bass, and 1db to mid and treble.

Also a little onboard Lexicon reverb.

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I must add that my quest was to find a cab setup that would sound as good as possible (for my set of ears) with a headphone set. I find it easier to dial in a good sound when I go through an actual guitar cab. I don't have an FRFR system yet but I'm looking at the EV ZLX12P...

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