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Supplements and ideas for your POD HD


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I am more than ever "in love" with my POD HD. Tweaking and tones gets better from day to day.
That's why I have given him some supplements and toys, to satisfy him and myself.
First of all I like to present my vintage-tennisbag which costs me less than 10 USD.
The advantage of this is, that so (as opposed to a discernible effect-pedal-bag) probably nobody would break up my car.




Since when pressing the footswitch repeatedly ends up in dirt and a lot of dust on the black surface, I bought for less than 4 USD a table-brush set, which I always carry in my vintage-tennisbag with the POD.



To ensure that no cables get caught in the pedal and limit the range of motion, I have attached a self-adhesive Velcro tape to the side of the unit.



To prevent accidental sticking of the hated EU-adapter of the power supply, I have around once wrapped the adapter with Velcro tape.



And finally, just to be on the safe side, I have bought this power-supply for emergency (for around 12 USD as postet here…)




Maybe I can inspire some users with my given suggestions?  :ph34r: 
It would be a pleasure for me!


* If there are any problems with my uploaded images you can check them in my german forum-thread here…

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Oups… I almost forgot to introduce my youngest toy:
Asus Eee PC 1005HA Netbook, which I bought at eBay at around 40 USD (incl. shipping). It´s enough powerful to execute POD HD500x Edit at a proper speed but I had to apply a small hack to the resolution to get 1024 x 768px.

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I've taken the rubber feet off of mine, replaced them with washers, applied pieces of industrial strength Velcro to the bottom and stuck it to a Pedaltrain board that comes with a case. The adapter is always plugged into my 500x, the thin cord bundled, tied off under the PT board and the wart itself is velcro'd to the board so the prongs are sticking out of a hole on the front of the board, where I plug in an extension cord.





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