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Firehawk global EQ (only on the 1500??)


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I just noticed in this video on youtube 

that there is a "global eq" setting in the firehawk editor app, at least when using the Firehawk 1500 (you can see it in the video between minute 4 and 5, when he is using the app). 


This "global EQ" is something I've been waiting for since I bought my Firehawk half a year ago (that was the missing "ingredient" for finally getting my tones sounding really great on my POD HD's).


I've just updated my firehawk remote control app (android) to the latest version, but it doesn't show the "global eq" setting at the end of the chain. Am I missing something, or is this a setting that is specific for the Firehawk 1500? I thought they were both using the same remote control app? 


If this is only on the 1500, does anyone know if this is coming for the Firehawk FX as well? That's about the only thing (that, and the POD HD new model packs!!) that I am really missing on the Firehawk FX. 

Since the Firehawk 1500 already seems to have this implemented, it should be fairly easy to get the same "global eq" block working on the Firehawk FX as well (I suppose that global eq block is not "hardware specific")?


Anyone (any "Firehawk beta testers" around here?) got any idea if we can expect this for the FX as well? 



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I have seen this topic come up a few times before, and I have given some thought to it during the year I have had my Firehawk FX. Please don't take this as a shot across the bow, but I do not think that a global EQ is something that we will see in the pedal. It makes a lot of sense to me that it is available on the Firehawk 1500 amp because ... well, it is an amp. We expect to see some sort of EQ on an amp, even if it is just treb/mid/bass knobs. The Firehawk FX is used mostly in combination with a stage amp, house mixer, or studio system, where further EQ is applied accordingly. Because of this, it seems redundant to have a global EQ in the pedal, especially since the amp/cab modelling already includes a good range of tone control.


I play bass, mind you, and not many of the canned tones on the pedal suit me. I expected that, and I knew I would need to create custom tones for my instruments to get the sounds I want. I started out on my FH FX like many people do. I listened to all the stock tones it provides. Then I experimented with each of the stomps, amps, cabs, comp and reverb. I found all the models and combinations that I would like to use, and then I got to work on crafting the "global" sound from the pedal.


To get some good general settings, I seached out the best gate, EQ, and global volume settings that work with my instruments. I use the 4 band semiparametric EQ to squelch out ringing and heavy harmonics. Then I apply good gate settings that carry the notes through and suppress the unwanted finger action chatter. I have about 20 custom tones now. I have enahanced serveral of these over the year with variations on the amp/cab volume, presence, and tone settings. They are all stored on the Line 6 cloud - 68 at the moment. Each custom tone is adjusted to work with the single set of EQ and gate adjustments I set upon at the begnning. I do not need to worry about ever changing EQ or gate again. EQ is essentially "global". I keep 12 of the custom tones loaded into the pedal, and I regularly use seven or eight.


I found that setting up in this way allows me to use all of my tones in any situation, regardless of whether I am using stage amps or a house system with floor wedges or IEM. I also found that I can keep the red/white/pink volumes at max and just leave them alone.


I am just as interested in hearing about how other people use their pedals as I am in telling about how I use mine. I would be glad to here your experiences with this powerful affordable piece of gear.

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Hi FiveBass,


thanks for taking the time to reply to my message. I think however that the opposite is true. Since the firehawk 1500 is "an amp", you could say that it is easier to use the normal EQ to tweak your tone for your output (since you've just got one "fixed set" of speakers). The pedal however, as you state, is used in combination with different outputs (PA, guitar amp input, guitar amp effects return, IR pedal, different speakers, ...). So I've always used the global EQ on my POD's to make the correct changes for my combination of guitar/output method, and I never change my patches themselves - this works great. 


On the Firehawk, you just have a LINE or AMP output setting, so it also lacks the different output methods of the POD (on the POD, you could play with the combo/stack output methods, that also have a high and low setting you could change). So the Firehawk FX could benefit even more of having this global EQ then the POD HD. Now I can use the EQ in the patch itself to get the Firehawk sounding good for one combination of guitar/amp/PA, but I've got to change my patches itself every time I swith guitars which I don't need to do with my POD HDs. 

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