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Tone port ux2 on el capitan osx

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I am using line 6 monkey on electronic capitan.

I install the drivers and restart as requested.

Next time I open line 6 monkey it still says drivers not installed.


How do I fix this?


Also I take gearbox is gone? That's a shame,

Is there a way to view pod farm with only the free stuff. I have no intention of buying any packs.

I was happy with gearbox.


I just want to remove all the stuff that requires a paid plug in to work so I am not scrolling forever to find a sound (if I can get drivers installed that is)



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Any ideas ??


Th pod farm free sounds are poor.


I lost all the good default tones I had with gearbox .


I feel like line 6 has crippled my ux2.

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