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Does anyone else get extra noise on their input?


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Hello all,

I'm not sure if anyone else is having this issue.

Ive been using the helix for the pre-amp stage of my guitar amp, for metal tones.

I'm having to use gates with thresholds at -35db to prevent my guitar feeding back.

The gain on the amp ANGL is set at 6 and I have a tube screamer with gain at 0 before it.

I should mention it's not the pre-amp version of the amp,as I found I had to rack the tone controls up to get anywhere close to what I wanted (I.e 10 bass, 2 mids, 2 high)

If I remove all gates and stomp pedals, I have this huge noisey (meeerrrrrr) sound in the noise floor.

Are there any other reports of this?

I've applied the guitar input pad now, which I think it has helped, but wind-up cranking the gain to get the same amount of sustain as before?

Other info: guitars use two passive humbuckers,

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I have the same problem on the high gain amps with moderate OD in front.  it is even worse with high output pickups... and I am constantly shifting guitars so setting up the inputs differently gets old fast as well.  One thing I have found interesting;  On my BFR Petrucci (very high output pickups) the problem is almost entirely eliminated going wireless with the L6 G30.

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That's interesting... 

Just speculating but maybe it's because the G30 roll's off signal below a certain threshold to prevent added noise by the receiver?
Like a gate would.


Glad it's not just me that has noticed this.

I tried switching from using an AMP block, to a PRE-AMP block last night.
After raising the level of the Pre-Amp channel setting, so that it matched that of my standard patch, the "Merrrr" was very much the same.

Taking the tube screamer away did clean it up a bit, it is still present though. The bog standard amp tone doesn't sound as vibrant that way either.

I'll have to try dropping the gain level down on the amp settings, then applying the distortion from a tube screamer to see if that works/sounds better?

I did talk to a guy on the Fender Website via their online chat service. Turn's out I've been feeding an 'instrument' level signal into the 'Power-amp-in/Effects Return'... when actually it requires a 'line' level signal.
I doubt this plays a big part in the problem, it's likely just been protecting me from blowing my tubes up!

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You may be right about the G30 rolling off the signal a bit... although you cant detect any gating or compression that you may "feel" with other wireless units.  I was thinking that it may be a ground loop issue that I have not been able to eliminate and somehow the wireless isolated the guitars ground...

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